Sunday, 30 January 2011

Boston and Holbeach Circle go Bricklaying!!!!!!!!

A big Congratulations to Holbeach Ladies for pipping us at the post by 3 points to win the Semi Final at Build a Future, West Ashby last night. A big thank you goes to Chris Jones MD and Steve the Tutor for a fun filled night, despite it being wet and windy. Michelle "Dingle" was disappointed however she did not get to wrestle any bears!!. I have been trying to attach some pictures for you to have a look at since 6am this morning and it will not send. I have however managed to upload them onto FB. Thank you ladies for a great night, and I am sure we shall be making a visit to Build a Future again at some point. Congratulations Holbeach, see you at the Final !!!!!!! :-)

ps: Justine if you could let me know the full names of each of you ladies that would be appreciated please and I will sort the Certificates for you. Thank you.

Yours in friendship

Publicity Officer
Boston 525 Circle

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