Area Chair’s Year of Challenges

I am planning to regularly update you on my challenges set by my fellow area 28 Circlers at Handover in May. For those of you that couldn’t make it that night, I turn 40 in July, and thought that the Ladies of Area 28 might have some good ideas of things that a girl should definitely have done once before she turns 40. Well you certainly came up with some interesting ideas, so many in fact that I am going to have to spend most of the year doing them to fit them all.

The first challenge was to become more personally acquainted with a MR R Rabbit, and that one I managed to achieve on the Handover evening it’s self, thanks to the exploits of Sleaford Round Table with their I’m a celebrity bush tucker trials. Eating jelly rings off a vibrator wasn’t what I thought I would be doing when I left the house that evening. We did raise £250 in the process, money which I am now referring to as the maggot money after I had to put my hands into maggots to retrieve a star.

My next challenge was to eat breakfast at a transport café in my ball gown, something my mother took great delight in telling me she had already done! So last Sunday I went to the Cheerio café on the A17 in my ball gown and gong to enjoy a full English. Thankfully I managed to persuade 14 others to accompany me so I didn’t appear quite so odd. Thank you to those of you who were able to join me, and I’m really sorry the food what quite as bad as it was. Area Secretary Michelle did say to me after about 10 minutes, “I thought it would be a little bit like a Little Chef” (Ha Ha not a chance). Highlight of course was our game for a laugh Round Table Area 30 Chairman, Christian and Area Sports Officer, JP who joined in by wearing ball gowns. Christian was fetching in a white Dorothy Perkins strapless evening gown, while JP looked stunning in a lilac multilayered cocktail dress.

To date I have not completed any more challenges, but the ones that are already in the pipeline are:

On the 2nd August at 5.40 I will be giving blood for the first time, I would be very pleased if any of you might like to join me in sparing a little blood for those in need, particularly if you have never done it before and are quite scared of needles!

Watching the sun come up on the Lincolnshire Coast line was another challenge I feel we could do as an Area. I would love some suggestions as to the best spot to sit to catch the sunrise. However I am particularly fond of wind farms and would love to catch the sun rise over the offshore one near Skegness and Ingoldmells.

My Osteopath has rules out the aquasphereing challenge, which involved rolling down a river in a big plastic bubble, but he has given me the go ahead to attempt a bodyflight or indoor skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel, as I was challenged to do by you Immediate Past National President Nikki Stocken. That will be later on in the year, hopefully with Kirstyn and my slightly kamikaze 70 year old Dad. At the Rally we had some more volunteers, so I’ll keep you all posted when I have a provisional date.

My exec has been busy planning my biggest challenge, to complete a 10k run on Halloween in fancy dress. This really is a big challenge as I am very unfit, asthmatic and a real wimp when it comes to hard physical work. I am delighted to say that I did persuade 10 people to accompany me on my run, and I have had a few more volunteers since, in particular Michelle, who is tackling it head on by getting a personal trainer, when she was completely allergic to exercise!

I am hoping that this last challenge might get me closer to my own personal goal to raise £5000 for Action for young carers this year. I am very pleased that our running total is already 10% of that. If you would like to join us on the run, the more the merrier.