Monday, 5 July 2010

Area Rally, 2010

Congratulations! must surely be given to Grimsby Circle for organising a truly fabulous and fun filled day. The Rally attended by Naomi Hickey, National President, and ladies from around Area 28, took place at the idyllic Brakenborough Arms Hotel, Louth.

After time to chat and have photographs Ladies were indulged with a meal of Pate, Chicken Chasseur and Lemon Tart.

Guest Speaker, Ilona Richards, who appeared on Channel 4’s “The Search For Britain’s Tightest People”, thrilled ladies with her interesting stories and viewpoints on life.

Known locally as "The Mean Queen", Ilona, is a self-confessed miser.
She wears boys' pants because they last longer, and she wears them until the seams are literally falling apart, and yes she did show us that she was wearing them! Much to the embarrassment of the gentleman who had acted as the master of ceremonies for precedings.

So thanks and admiration goes out to; Jenny Jackson (Chair), Sarah Habbershaw, Lisa Eagles, Lisa Hargreaves, Catherine Watson, Sarah Harding and Angela Chase for making this Rally so memorable.

Julia Scrimshaw
Area 28 Publicity Officer


  1. Well said Julia, Publicity officer! please don't take on anymore roles this year!

  2. Ok Mrs Hill perhaps I was a little tired.... do you think anyone else noticed?